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Rock It Green Media Helps Support Alzheimer’s disease by Spreading Green Awareness’

Rock It Green Media

Antonio Saillant gets emotional during his Green Festival Expo NY 2015 Speech

Rock It Green Media, It's All About Saving the Environment

Sometimes in order to learn about a disease you have to live though an experience that will change your life completely. Sustainable Film and Television Producer, Antonio Saillant went face to face against a deadly disease that took the lives of his parents. 

For the last three years, Antonio Saillant provided hours of care to both his parents with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. So much of his  career was based on luck and dreams. Perhaps you’ll be lucky and your dreams will come true. His  Mother always said that luck happens when the timing is right, but you must always be prepared. He owes so much to his Mother and God as they were his source of luck. Caring for someone with Alzheimer's can be overwhelming, so when Antonio launched, Rock It Green Media he decided to take the opportunity to recognize these compassionate individuals as part of Rock It Green Caregivers Campaign.

Rock It Green, saving the environment. In a speech last year in 2015 during the Green Festival about, Sustainability and Climate Change Within the Entertainment Business, Antonio became very emotional when the topic about clean air was mentioned. You can View here. He truly believes that all these diseases are contributed by the pollution to our environment. The air we breath, the food we eat and the water we drink. After his mother defeated cancer, Alzheimer's disease started to develop in full force on both his parents. His mother and father were healthy people and he saw first hand what this dreadful disease can do.

Unfortunately, they did not have insurance and instead of putting them in a nursing home Antonio converted his apartment into a working hospice. In order to accomplish all this he decided to slow down his business to care for his parents day and night. This was quite expensive but Antonio stated, "I truly would do it all over again, they are my parents."

He realized how important caregivers were and learned that it's not just a job it's all about passion and love. In honor of the unsung heroes of Alzheimer's and a dedication to his parents Antonio created Rock It Green Media that will be the backbone of Rock It Green Caregivers Campaign.

By making a generous gift to the Rock It Green Caregivers Campaign today. The Rock It Green Media Sponsors, Angel Light Communications [Angel Light Group] and Dream Destinations LLC will be able to push, to be the future of communications, dedicated to the preservation of our environment and our communities. Green is in your future! Our steadfast dedication to the preservation of the environment is to ensure the well being of our planet by uniting people to explore the concept of being sustainable in their everyday lives and to share their experiences of ‘Green Awareness' globally, in hopes to empower, nurture, motivate, and inspire future sustainable leaders.

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