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Carter and Olivia Rie, founders of ‘One More Generation’ Will Guest Star on “Rock It Green Radio” 11/3

Development and Educate the Empower Youth Around the World About Animal Conservation and the Environment

Carter and Olivia Rie, founders of 'One More Generation'Climate change is the biggest environmental threat humans have ever faced and has become a leading environmental issue. This is not just a challenge for the U.S.A, it is now a challenge for the entire world. We share one atmosphere, the effects of global warming in one part of the planet are eventually felt in other parts as well, and on all living species. Many are coming forward in sharing they're amazing stories with Film and Television Sustainable Producer, Antonio Saillant's newly launched, Rock It Green Radio. Folks across this country and the world are uniting to fight for the protection of our planet and ensure that we defeat Climate Change by spreading awareness through social media.

A few weeks ago Antonio Saillant and co-host Richard Solomon of Rock It Green Radio interviewed documentary filmmaker Linda Booker alerting the world about another disturbing environmental fact. In the US, 500 million straws are used each year. Many of these items end up in the Oceans devastating sea life. Linda Booker's recent film, "Straws" addresses this important issue that does not receive attention in the main stream media.

That's until a group of kids, Carter Ries [15.5] and Olivia Ries [14] contacted Rock It Green Radio to further their cause by spreading a valuable environmental message of hope.Carter and Olivia Rie, founders of 'One More Generation'

With the help of their father Jim Ries, Carter and Olivia Ries founded Atlanta, Georgia-based non-profit One More Generation ' back in 2009 when they were 8.5 and 7 years old and now have become world renowned for their work on plastic pollution education and animal conservation. The idea for starting the company originally began following the adoption of Cheetahs in South Africa.  Carter and Olivia began to question why humans would need to adopt wild animals like the cheetah. They soon discovered the truth surrounding endangered species, and knew they had to act.  

Olivia and Carter Ries are dedicated to helping endangered species and the environment and recently celebrated their 7th anniversary on Sept 9th. They might be young but they have traveled all over the world spreading they're amazing sustainable message. They've given dozens of speeches at schools and colleges. They've been interviewed on national television, participated in marches and fundraisers and won awards for their work. They even were invited to Vietnam by the United States Embassy to participate in a program to save rhinos. All that they've accomplished for animals and the environment is much too long to list!

As role models for many students of all ages they are both extremely passionate about animals and conservation. If that wasn't enough Olivia and her brother Carter launched another exciting campaign, A Global OneLessStraw Pledge Campaign." They realized reducing our plastic footprint could be very easy to do; we just need to say ‘NO‘ to single-use plastics such as straws.  The campaign has three phases and will be outlined exclusively on Rock It Green Radio. Their mission is to empower youth around the world to stand up and help create solutions for the pressing issues of today.

Rock It Green, spreading awareness is our global mission. Please Tune In on November 3, 2016 as Rock It Green Radio, Speaks With Olivia and Carter Ries, OMG,  about the future of our planet and their mission. The Rock It Green Media Sponsors, Angel Light Communications [Angel Light Group] and Dream Destinations LLC are the future of communications dedicated to the preservation of our environment and our communities. Green is in your future! Our steadfast dedication to the preservation of the environment is to ensure the well being of our planet by uniting people to explore the concept of being sustainable in their everyday lives and to share their experiences of ‘Green Awareness' globally, in hopes to empower, nurture, motivate, and inspire future sustainable leaders.

Rock It Green Radio now on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music, Blubrry Podcasting, SoundCloud, TuneIn, Aha Radio, Poddirectory, Player FM and YouTube. From live and custom radio to activity-based listening, sustainable discovery and news, talk and all types of entertainment, Rock It Green gives users more of real life sustainable stories across multiple devices.

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